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Orange announces Samsung Galaxy Tab UK prices: Still high

Orange has announced its Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing, which is handy since it hits the shelves today.
As always, the cute and cuddly animal pricing strategy softens the blow of high prices and monthly data fees.
If you opt for the Orange Raccoon plan, you can pay a one-off cost of £499 if you commit to a 12-month data allowance – this gets you 500MB of data for £5 a month – provided you’re already an Orange customer. If not, it’ll be a £10-per-month deal. Other details are in the chart below:

Fans of marine life and higher data allowances will probably want to opt for the Dolphin deals. You don’t save much on the one-off device charge (£499 is again the lowest), but you do net yourself at least 1GB of data and some contracts come with unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi:

You can pay a lot less as a one-off fee by buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab through Carphone Warehouse (on 3) but you’ll be locked in to paying at least £30 a month for 24-months which just isn’t realistic for most people. So, basically, it’s worth having at least £500 squirreled away before you invest in the Galaxy Tab.


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