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Orange confirms that it will sell white iPhone 4 today

Hold your credit cards, it’s not popped up on Orange’s site just yet. But we’ve just heard back from Orange, who’ve told us that you will be able to order the white iPhone 4 in both 16GB and 32GB variations today.

We’re told that pricing for the albino iPhone 4s will be the same as the current black ones are.

So the most basic deals will see you paying £230 for a 16GB white iPhone 4 on an 18 month plan, giving you 400 minutes, 500 texts, 750MB of data for £35 a month. You can pick up a 32GB version on the same plan for £320.

Those who are up for a two-year long-term commitment will be able to get a white iPhone 4 for as little as £170 on a deal which gets you 150 minutes, 250 texts and 500MB of data for £30 a month.

Like we said, no changes at the iPhone page on Orange’s site yet. We’ll let you know as soon as the pasty iPhone 4 materialises.

O2, Three and Vodafone are all selling white iPhone 4s now, as is Carphone Warehouse. We just need to hear back from T-Mobile and the circle will be complete.


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