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Orange debuts GlastoNav app for this year’s Glastonbury Festival

Orange is launching a new version of its GlastoNav app, just in time for this year’s Glastonbury Festival. There’s a Java version, but for the first time it’s also available on iPhone. The latter is due to launch in the week of the festival.

The Java app, which works on a wide variety of phones, offers a map of the Glasto site, as well as information on stage lineups, bar opening times, and other hotspots around the festival. Orange has also worked with music mag Q to provide daily recommendations on which bands are worth seeing. You can text GLASTO to 65101 to get it now.

However, the iPhone app will offer a whole new degree of whizziness, since it includes augmented reality features. Users will be able to see data overlaid onto their iPhone’s camera feed, and use it to navigate around the site. The app will also show who’s playing on stages, and point them in the right direction for loos, cash machines and bars – all of which will pop up on-screen as they walk around.

There’s also a GPS tent locator feature, and a zoomable 2D map. I know what you’re thinking: any app that uses GPS and the camera on your iPhone will leave the device gasping for juice by, ooh, Thursday lunchtime at Glasto. But Orange has an answer to that too: the operator will have its Chill’n’Charge area at the festival, where you’ll be able to charge your iPhone while listening to acoustic performances from a bunch of bands.



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