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Orange offers top-ups from 10p. Double tiny top-ups in March.

In these credit-crunching times, Orange are offering top-ups starting at just 10p. This should mean a few extra messages or a phone call can be squeezed out of your spare change.

According to an Orange survey, lacking credit has lead to 15% of 18-24 year-olds losing a love interest (heart-breaking!), while 13% have missed out on a new job. (Career-wrecking!)

Lasting all March, Orange will also be offering double tiny-tops at any of their own stores; pay 50p, get a £1 top-up. Should be enough for everyone to keep their girlfriend and find a job.

And if you don’t even have a spare 10p, then guess how many 10p coins Orange have crammed into this tube– and you’ll win it. Follow @connorfromorange for more details. But make sure you’re following us first!


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