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Orange San Francisco: Cheap Android handset that doesn’t look terrible

Orange appears to have done the inconceivable: brought out a low-cost Android handset that doesn’t look utterly awful. Our opinions might change once we get our mitts on the handset ourselves, but the video below makes the San Francisco look pretty darn impressive.

Rocking Android 2.1 (come on, you didn’t expect Froyo for £99 did you?), 3G connectivity and a big old touchscreen screen (size tbc), the handset has 150MB of internal memory which you can beef up with a 32GB microSD card. The camera is a measly 3-megapixel jobbie, but the handset offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location services, MP3 player and FM radio so you should be able to get by.

Designwise, the San Francisco has taken some tips from HTC with a slim, sleek look that’s very much display-heavy. The thing we like most about the handset’s form is that it doesn’t look cheap, something that most other manufacturers have struggled with.

As it runs Android, the San Francisco also offers access to the Android Market and all it’s many apps, including Orange Wednesdays which is ace. Pay as you go, the handset will be available for just £99, plus Orange is offering deals on top-ups when you buy the handset. Visit for more information.


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