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Orange San Francisco gets price snip: £89.99 with credit at Argos

The bargain-priced Orange San Francisco, the popular mid-range Android phone, has now become even more of a bargain, getting a £10 price drop at Argos.

Spotted by the guys at Eurodroid, the phone comes in both grey and white, but you’ll have to search stock in Argos stores near you; it’s not physically available through the site.

Best move fast – it was already sold out in the majority of stores near Recombu Towers.

The San Francisco runs on Android 2.1, with a mid-range three-megapixel camera and GPS, though you will have to deal with the sometimes-grating, Orange-branded widgets that come with the phone.

The phone also comes with an in-box 2GB microSD card, ready for your apps, music and photos.

The now sub-£90 phone also comes with £10 of pay-as-you-go credit bundled in, so you’ll be ready to use the San Fran straight out of the box.

Via: Eurodroid


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