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Orange Social Life: Facebook, MySpace and Bebo under one roof

Orange has just released Social Life, a new mobile service which gathers all your Facebook, MySpace and Bebo contacts on a single screen. Social Life is accessed through the Orange World mobile portal and once you’ve logged in to your various profiles, all status and picture updates are gathered together in one place.

When you’re browsing Facebook for example, links to Myspace and Bebo are located at the bottom of the screen — toggling profiles is a simple case of clicking or tapping on the links. You can also sign up for free SMS alerts on status updates for Facebook, Myspace and presumably Bebo – we couldn’t log in for some reason so we weren’t able to check

We tried out Social Life on the Toshiba TG01. Drawbacks of this particular handset aside, we found that Social Life worked OK but it’s let down by a couple of things. As cool as it is to be able to quickly switch between profiles, many people only use one social networking site. Anyone out there use Facebook, Myspace and Bebo? Thought not.

The other issue we had with Social Life is the lack of Twitter access. In case you haven’t heard Orange, Twitter is pretty big news in the UK. Thankfully, it looks as though Orange is working on that. The network is reportedly looking to incorporate more networking sites throughout 2009, so if you’re on Orange and you enjoy using social networks, then you might want to check this out.


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