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Orange to launch new web tariffs on April Fools’ Day

From this Thursday onwards, Orange will be offering two new tariffs with free internet access included. A new 24 month £30 Panther tariff will give users so-called ‘unlimited’ internet access (750MB fair use cap), unlimited email, 400 minutes a month and unlimited texts.

Alternatively, for £20 a month you can get 500MB of mobile net access, unlimited email, 100 minutes and unlimited texts on the new 24 month Dolphin tariff. Out of bundle costs for mobile internet browsing cost up to £1.50 a day for daily browsing.

Customers who sign up for a Canary or Racoon plan can also sign up for 500MB of usage for an additional £5 a month on top of their contract. New and upgrading customers who choose a Canary or Racoon plan can also get the first month of internet use for free.