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Orange to sell Mobile Wi-Fi device with its new mobile broadband contracts

Orange is getting involved with the Mobile Wi-Fi party with the launch of the Novatel Wireless 3352, here seen in the clutches of Orange PR meister Conor Maples. The Novatel Wireless 3352 can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously including laptops, smartphones and MP3 players.

The Novatel Wireless 3352 is available alongside Orange’s new range of mobile broadband contracts which launch today.

The cheapest going price for the 3352 is £49 on the 12 Month Dolphin plan which gives you 1GB of monthly usage plus an additional 1GB to use every day between the hours of midnight and 4pm. This contract costs £15 a month if you’re already an Orange mobile or home broadband customer and £20 a month if you’re not.

The 12 month Racoon plan costs just £5 a month (or £10 if you’re not an Orange customer) and includes 500MB of data to use any time of the day; here the Novatel Wireless 3352 costs £59.

A full breakdown of the price plans plus the costs for the Novatel Wireless 3352 can be found at Orange’s site here.

[Source: Twitter]


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