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Orange unveils iPhone tariffs: Where’s the price war?

When does the fight start? Today Orange unveiled its price plans for the iPhone which include a variety of pay monthly and pay as you go offers. You can see them all here and if you look closely you’ll notice something strange. That’s right, they’re not very different to O2’s offers.

A pay monthly iPhone 3GS (32GB) on Orange costs £175 if you pay £34.26 a month (24 months). On O2 the same iPhone 3GS (32GB) costs £175.19 if you pay £34.26 a month (24 months). That means that if you go with Orange you save a whopping 19p.

Orange has added a few more options for pay as you go customers. Depending on what animal-inspired deal you go for you can get free evening and weekend calls or cheap calls abroad, among other offers. It’s not the price war we were expecting so we hope Vodafone shakes things up.


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