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OrbitSound T12v3 soundbar announced: Amplify your iPhone this September

Audio equipment manufacturer Orbitsound has just officially announced its T12v3 speaker system, a comprehensive stereo system that can plug in to flatscreen TV sets and is compatible with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Available next month for £299, the T12v3 features a horizontal speaker bar that creates a pseudo-stereo surround sound effect that Orbitsound calls ‘spatial sound’.

This, Orbitsound says, allows for a surround sound experience in smaller, space restricted rooms where setting upa full 5.1 system may be difficult. There’s no positional ‘sweet spot’ either where the person or people sitting in the middle of the room get the best of the surround sound experience.

Coming with a large subwoofer included, Orbitsound says that this provides a ‘smoother, tighter bass response’ compared to previous models.

As well as providing a simple plug ‘n play style stereo solution, the Orbitsound T12v3 also functions as an iPhone/iPod dock.

The connection features a clip in to which you can pop four interchangeable covers, meaning it can be used with an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Classics.

The infra-red remote control allows you to adjust volume and skip tracks from a distance; when we had a brief demo with the T12v3 we found that it worked effectively up to ten meters away, although as its infra red it needs direct line of sight.

Using a 3.5mm connection you can also hook your laptop up to the T12v3 to play music through, or connect it to your PS3 or Xbox 360 for surround sound gaming.

The Orbitsound T12v34 will be available next month (exact date TBC) for £299.

As you can see, you can plug an iPhone 4 in while it’s in a bumper case without having to resort to using any of the attachments.

You can plug your laptop in to the 3.5mm port to blast out music as well as your iPhone.

The metal grille on the front is attached by magnets and comes off easily. The square speakers, one on each end, need to be left uncovered for the spatial effect to work.

The four connector adapters, clockwise from top, iPod Classic, iPhone 3G iPod, Touch 2G, iPhone 4.

The subwoofer is passive, needing no power of its own. You simple connect it to the back of the main soundbar with a pair of red and black wires.

A quick look at the connections on the back of the Orbitsound T12v3.


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