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OS wars: Brits love Blackberry, iOS rules Europe

Europe appears to be exempt from the recent Android rise to power according to stats posted by

iOS has a 44.95 percent share of the European market compared to a minute 16.37 percent Android.

Most interesting of all is that the story suggest iOS is in a state of European decline and that year for year it has been dropping share. Since January 2010 Apple’s operating system is said to have lost over six percent of the market share.

Blackberry is unique in that it remains a potent OS-force in Britain. It lags only a little behind Apple’s iOS at 36.22 percent, while Android continues to expand monthly.

The OS wars that have now begun to emerge between Blackberry, iOS and Android have often pointed to RIM as king of the mobile castle with Android not far behind. Europe it seems however has a slightly different approach to smartphone purchases.


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