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Out of Milk: interactive shopping list app for Android phones

Sometimes all you need for a shopping list is any old scrap of paper which you can throw away after you’re done. But if you’re fond of scanning items in on your Android phone and love showing off how wonderfully utilitarian your mobile phone is then you should check out Out of Milk.

While there are more than a few shopping list apps out there on the Android Market this is the best looking one we’ve seen so far. It boasts a fresh cheerful design and allows you to scan in items using the Barcode Scanner app.

If you scan a barcode and the product isn’t found, you’ll be able to manually enter the name of the item. Out of Milk will remember it and it will be saved the next time that barcode is scanned again.

Out of Milk also uses Voice Input on Android phones which supports it. This means you can dictate your shopping list to your phone, although you might look a bit mad in front of friends when start reciting vegetable names into your phone.

As well as creating shopping lists, Out of Milk is also useful for creating general to-do lists which you can cross off whenever you’re done. Bizarrely, there’s also a Spice Rack list which allows you to keep a note of what needs replenishing in your spice cupboard.

Out of Milk is free to download from the Android Market and works on phones running Android 1.5 and above.


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