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Overglide: the iOS game that lives in your notifications centre

Meet Overglide, a Flappy Bird-style arcade game that you can play inside your iPhone or iPad’s notification centre. 

Apple’s addition of widgets within the recent iOS 8 update was welcomed warmly by consumers and it seems that developers are enjoying the freedom that that extra room affords them. One such example is a new game called Overglide, which hides away inside your iPhone or iPad’s notification centre.

Overglide isn’t exactly an epic saga but more of a casual game in the vein of Flappy Bird and although you won’t exactly test your mental agility, it’s a great little time-waster, ideal for when you need an easy distraction. It also shows the possibilities and potential for widget functionality, although whether Apple will allow it to become a common, widespread occurrence is another matter.

Recently, another developer tried to add a widget called PCalc to the App Store, which placed a calculator within the Notification Center. Apple quickly nixed the app, stating that “widgets on iOS cannot perform any calculations”, but after the media picked up on the decision, Apple backed down. PCalc has since been reinstated, giving us hope that Overglide won’t get weeded out and removed too. We’ve got a high score to beat, dammit.

While neither Overglide or PCalc are particularly ground-breaking applications, both apps do show what iOS can do, now that Apple has got some of its control freakery in check. We’re happy to see new and inventive ways of using iOS coming to the fore and here’s hoping we see a few more interactive widgets soon.

You can download Overglide from the App Store for 69p…for now at least. And here’s some more rage-inducingly addictive-yet-difficult games you can bag on mobile…



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