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Pac-Man returns to the App Store as… a puzzle game?

Retro classic Pac-Man has been gobbling pills on iPhone for ages, but now his owner Namco has released a new Pac-themed game on the App Store. Yes, it features ghosts and power pellets, but in all other respects it’s a big departure from the Pac-Man you know and love.

Pac-Match Party is, as the name implies, a match-three puzzle game – think Bejeweled, except with less jewels and more round yella fellas. The game offers 30 levels, and has a bargain launch price of £1.19.

Not sure? We don’t blame you. There’s an ignoble history in the games industry of taking classic licences and shoehorning them into strange genres. In the old days of mobile gaming (i.e. before iPhone), the usual choice was bowling or pinball. Now, it seems match-three puzzlers may be the preferred option – see also Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming on iPhone.

Still, Pac-Match Party does look pretty fun, so we’ll reserve judgement until we’ve played it. If it includes the classic theme tune, we’ll forgive it most crimes…


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