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PAH! establishes a new style of gaming

Touchscreen controls were dated anyway. Welcome to the voice-controlled shoot-em-up, PAH!

Why PAH? That’s the noise you have to make in order to fire at the detritus blocking your ship’s path. You can also ‘steer’ the ship by making a ship engine-ish ‘aaah’ noise.

It’s quite obviously best played in non-public places- we upset everyone in the office trying to find the perfect ‘pah’ and ‘aah’ to control our ship.

Not much else to explain really; you fly through space, and you need to either shoot or dodge what gets in your way. Shooting asteroids does rack up the points, but does get tiring.

Watching others play PAH! is guaranteed to make you laugh. In fact, this is guaranteed even if you play it yourself, but that could be due to the light-headedness caused by all that ‘paah’ing and ‘aaah’ing. It certainly adds to the experience.

PAH! joins Voice Fantasy in the so-far limited line-up of voice-powered games. Both are a little short-lived, though not without their charms, and well worth the price for a few plays. As long as no-one else is around.

PAH! is currently available on iTunes for 59p. Aaahhhhh, PAH PAH PAH!


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