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Paid version of Wordfeud opens up in Android Market

A paid version of Wordfeud, the Scrabble-esque multiplayer word game, is now available to download from the Android Market.

It plays exactly like the original free version, albeit sans the rather annoying ads. You invite friends to play against you via email or you can ask to be paired up with strangers. You can have up to 20 games running at any one time and there’s no time limit so players take turns as and when it’s convenient for them.

If your phone is running Android 2.2 you’ll notice that game play is a bit slicker than before; this new paid version of Wordfeud makes use of Google’s C2DM (cloud to device messaging) software which pushes notifications of other players moves to your phone in real time.

Other changes include the addition of a Dutch diary, good news if you’re something of a polyglot or you’re learning the language.

Being able to re-challenge strangers you’ve already played against in the game is a future update we’d really like to see.

The full version of Wordfeud costs the equivalent of £2.05. Recent changes to the Android Market reveal that the cost of the app in the original currency was around 19kr Norwegian – thank you Google for finally listing app prices in the local currency!


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