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Paint Dripper: Pollock-esque Android fun

Paint Dripper for Android is a fun paint app that allows you to create Jackson Pollock-esque works of art (like our rubbish attempt at that Stone Roses album cover on the right) or relieve stress by dropping blobs of digital paint onto a canvas.

Swiping your finger quickly will see you scatter a line of dots over the screen. Holding your finger in one place has you ‘squeezing’ more paint out onto the canvas in one dollop.

The pallette icon in the bottom allows you to change the colour of the paint and the canvas. You can edit colours by using an RGB colour selector, entering values from 0 to 255.

Paint Dripper allows you to save your masterpieces to your phone’s SD card. If you want to be able to view them on your desktop it’s best to save them to the phone’s gallery where they’ll be saved as JPEGs.

It’d be nice if Paint Dripper had an ‘undo’ option for when you accidentally ruin your postmodern auto-impasto with a stray blob of mauve, but it’s hard to fault this free, fun painting app.


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