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Palm Pixi Plus: What’s in the box?

We waited and then we waited some more but Palm’s Pixi never made it to the UK, *sigh*. Just when we were about to give up on the idea of seeing a Qwerty-packing webOS device in the UK, Palm surprised us by announcing that the Palm Pixi Plus will be sold by O2.

To celebrate this momentous announcement we’ve treated the Pixi Plus to a photoshoot. We’ll have a full review up soon but we thought you’d like to get a good look at it now. Our first impressions are very good: it’s light, it’s attractive and so far it seems to work well.

In the Pixi Plus’ relatively small box you get the handset and a USB cable that doubles us as the AC adapter charging cable.

The Pixi Plus is essentially the same phone as the Pixi, plus Wi-Fi. It boasts Palm’s innovative webOS operating system, a 2.6-inch multitouch display, a full Qwerty keypad, a 2-megapixel camera with LED flash, a 3.5mm headphone jack and it fits comfortably in a pocket.

The Palm Pixi’s touchscreen and keypad are small but usable. We’re very keen on this design and hope that other manufacturers come up with similar handsets. It would be nice to have a larger screen and more spaced out keypad though.

At 11mm thin the Pixi Plus is very pocket friendly.

The Palm Pixi Plus’ 2-megapixel camera comes with a really bright LED photo light.

It seems that a lot of people find the Pixi Plus’ keypad too small but we found it ok. It’s certainly better than using a standard 12-key keypad.

Next to the Pixi Plus’s camera you’ll find two speaker grills.

You can buy battery covers for the Pixi Plus in a variety of colours and there’s an inductive cover if you want to charge it wirelessly using Palm’s Touchstone charger (sold separately).

As you can see the Pixi Plus is slightly taller than the BlackBerry 9700 and smaller than the iPhone 3GS.


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