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Palm Pixi: The Pre’s sprightly sibling

The Palm Pre isn’t even out in the UK and Palm is already announcing its successor, the Palm Pixi. As its name suggests, the Pixi is a sprightly little thing, apparently Palm’s thinnest phone ever. It boasts most of the goodies found on the Palm Pre, such as the card interface, but comes in wafer-thin candybar casing.

While we’ve yet to have any hands-on action with the Palm Pixi, judging by the pictures the keys appear to be more prominent than those of the Pre which we reckon will make for faster typing. The rubberized back cover of the Pixi should lend it additional grip, further suggesting that Pixi is more geared towards people who need to fire off 1,000 emails a minute.

Like the Samsung Corby and HTC Tattoo that have both been announced this week, the Palm Pixi will also come with a range of designer back covers. The Palm Pixi ‘Artist Series’ is a selection of five limited-edition covers, with designs including a dusty red sunset, snakeskin and a stylised skull. It’s official, designer battery covers are in.

The Palm Pixi features a 2-megapixel camera with an LED flash, a 3.5mm stereo jack, 3G and 8GB of on board memory. Disappointingly there’s no Wi-Fi and the Palm Pixi does not appear to come with a card slot for memory expansion.

A UK launch date for the Pixi has not yet been unconfirmed but the Palm Pre will be available exclusively on O2 by Christmas.



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