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Palm Pre 2 is official: WebOS 2.0 also confirmed by HP

HP, the company that now owns Palm, has announced that the new Palm Pre 2 will be released in the coming months, running webOS 2.0. This will be a new version of the popular OS seen on the likes of the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus.

The new webOS builds on the successful elements of the original, including true multitasking, seamless integration with social networks via HP Synergy and Adobe Flash 10.1 for web browsing. A new feature is ‘Just Type’, which allows you to start an email or message without opening an app first – great for when you need to make a note in a hurry.

It looks like Palm and HP have put a lot of work into additional apps too, with Skype Mobile, Facebook complete with IM and a redesigned App Catalog all giving us high hopes for the handset.

But what of the hardware? The Palm Pre 2 offers a 1Ghz processor, 5-megapixel camera, glass screen and a ‘sleeker, streamlined design’ with a slide-out Qwerty for when the touchscreen just won’t do.

The handset is heading to our Gallic neighbours first – those lucky French will be able to get the Palm Pre 2 as early as this Friday. No word yet on UK availability, but hopefully it’ll be a shorter wait than the six-months we endured waiting for the Palm Pre to arrive.


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