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Palm Pre Plus: What’s in the box?

The Palm Pre Plus is en route to O2 at last – but has it been worth the wait? We’ll be publishing our full review later this week but our first impressions have been pretty good. Join us on a journey through what’s in the box while you wait for our definitive verdict (and check out the diminuitive Palm Pixi Plus too, which we had a ganders at yesterday). 

The Pre Plus comes in a rather stylish box, with everything tucked away very neatly. There’s a plug which comes in two parts, with a USB  wire and headphones as well. We really like the cute little pouch which will keep the handset nice and scratch-free.

The handset is in the familiar Palm Pre shape which makes it lovely to hold in your hand. The screen is nice and crisp, and oh so responsive! Such a joy to use.

Multi-tasking is one of the Pre Plus‘s major benefits, and swiping up on the gesture pad (just below the screen) puts applications into a floating queue which you can then swipe between. Very swish.

The slide-out keyboard is pretty small and takes a little bit of getting used to. Still, better a small slide-out keyboard than a cramped, annoying on-screen one. The edges of the Pre Plus are really quite sharp though, so be careful as you type!

The Pre Plus isn’t the slimmest of handsets, but we wouldn’t want to swap waist-line for comfort. It’s not so chunky that it’s difficult to carry around, and we found it fit quite comfortably into the phone-pouch in a handbag. Pockets might be another story, though…

The matt-back is quite rubberised so easy to keep a grip on. The camera you can see there has an LED flash just above it, and rocks 3-megapixels.


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