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PayPal’s iPhone app now lets you donate to charities

If you’re an eBay user, you’ll know all about PayPal, its payments division. But it’s good for more than just splashing out on secondhand auction items. PayPal has actually had a standalone iPhone app for a while now, letting users manage their accounts, with some nifty extra features too.

It’s just been updated with a new one: charity donations. You can now use the app to donate directly from your PayPal account to more than 20,000 charities, including the likes of BBC Children in Need, Save the Children and Cancer Research UK.

It’s a simple and elegant process, and a private one: it may suit people who simply want to donate money without registering their details, or getting follow-up calls asking for more money every few months.

We’re very impressed with an existing feature too – Split Check. It’s for use when you’re eating out with mates, and want to split the bill. Not only does it calculate who’s paying what, but if you all have PayPal accounts, it lets one person pay and then everyone else pay them electronically.


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