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PC World launches cloud media service for your iPad

Everyone and their aunt wants to launch a cloud streaming service nowadays, especially when the aunt in question is a chain of tech-related shops. First Carphone Warehouse launched its Music Anywhere cloud music service, and now PC World is getting in on the action with something called iPad Media Streaming.

The service costs £39.99 a year, and lets you store 100GB of music, photos and videos on the company’s server, to stream to your iPad over 3G or Wi-Fi via a dedicated app.

PC World is flagging up the fact that this is six times the storage space as that available on the 16GB iPad – although owners of the 64GB model may be less awestruck. However, iPad Media Streaming also lets you stream stuff from your home PCs and Macs, as well as from PC World’s servers.

£39.99 a year just to stream your own music, videos and photos to a single device? It sounds a bit steep, but at least it’s another option for the cloud-hungry iPad owner to choose from.


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