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Pebble Time given the Steel treatment – live now on Kickstarter

A week after the Pebble Time exploded onto Kickstarter, Pebble has revealed a new metal-strapped variant, the Pebble Time Steel, boasting even longer battery life.

Pebble Time is already one of the most anticipated and exciting wearables of 2015, smashing Kickstarter records by hitting its funding goal in just 17 minutes and raising over $8 million in just 24 hours. Well, Kickstarter better brace itself because Pebble just announced a new variant of the Time watch: Pebble Time Steel.

The announcement was like a mega donut of joy packed with happiness cream for us, as we love the Time’s features but still prefer the look and feel of the Pebble Steel. The Pebble Time Steel is just as reassuringly hefty, with a seriously premium design that feels great on the wrist.

The Pebble Time Steel is almost identical to the original Pebble Time in terms of specs and features, with one key difference. The watch face is around a millimetre thicker to accomodate an even bigger battery, which should give you around ten days of use between charges. Immediately that makes it the wearable we’re most excited about this year, even over that thing that Apple’s chucking out this Spring.

When you order the Pebble Time Steel it actually comes with two straps. One is that shiny metal option, while the other is a black leather band. You can swap them easily with any other strap you like, with the standard 22mm strap design used, and the Time Steel will also be compatible with Pebble’s new Smart Straps, coming later this year.

If you’re already salivating over this sexy new wearable, good news. The Time Steel will cost you just $249 if you pre-order the watch by supporting it on Kickstarter, else it’ll cost you $299 when it hits stores in the summer. And if you’ve already backed the original Pebble Time, you can just pay the difference to upgrade to the Time Steel.


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