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PeerBeauty is a ridiculous vanity app that I can’t stop using

PeerBeauty is an app that analyses photos of people’s faces and then tells you how attractive they are out of ten. It’s the most ridiculously trashy, self-absorbed, ego-enlarging vanity app and I can’t stop using it.

I’ve rated myself (er, several times), my friends, my family, celebrities, cartoon characters… you name it, I’ve run it through PeerBeauty. April O’Neil came in at 9.3. Winona Ryder at 9.1. Angelina Jolie at 8.9. Sadly, Miss Piggy didn’t register.

Good news for the ladies, It works on boys too. Joseph Gordon-Levitt received a very tidy 9.6, while some may complain that international superfox Johnny Depp nets only 5.6. Not cool!

But, let’s face it, we’ll all be rating our own faces more than anyone else’s. Regardless of how attractive it tells me my face supposedly is, PeerBeauty is encouraging an ugly side of me. Each time I’m rated more highly than a friend in a photo I get a rush of gratification and self-satisfaction. Each time I come off worse, I flush with anger.

When you start gripping the iPhone so hard that your knuckles turn white while you eagerly await another rating, it’s probably time to delete the app. If you can keep a dignified distance, though, it’s quite fun in the same way that those love tests where you count the vowels in two names were quite fun when you were at school.

PeerBeauty for iPhone® from Percipo Inc. on Vimeo.


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