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Penguin Books launches Ladybird Baby Touch app for iPhone and iPad

Ladybird books have been an intrinsic part of childhood for generations of people, but with apps for kids proving so popular, what chance does the venerable book brand have in the digital age? Well, now Ladybird has an app too.

Ladybird Baby Touch: Peekaboo is a Universal iPhone and iPad app launched today by Penguin Books on the App Store. It’s designed for babies from six months old, based on the Baby Touch range of real-world books.

Unsurprisingly, the app itself is designed to be simple: your child touches the screen to reveal hidden characters, who emerge with a ‘Peeekaboo!’. The app has four scenes – Sea, Farm, Wild Animals and Vehicles – and according to Penguin, it helps babies develop hand-eye coordination and focusing skills.

Be warned, though, apps like this are the start of a slippery slope that ends with a well-coordinated and focused toddler ruthlessly demolishing your Flick Kick Football high-score. While gleefully chanting ‘Peekaboo!’ most likely…


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