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Phaz P2 headphones can charge your phone as you groove

If you use your smartphone to enjoy your tunes on the go, you’ll know that there’s little more annoying than your battery draining faster as you get your rock on, especially if you’re mid-workout when it happens. Thankfully Phaz’s P2 headphones boast a unique solution, as they actually charge your mobile.

The headphones, which themselves run on a rechargeable 1200mAh battery, allowing you the ability to connect your device via a USB port and share power whilst in ‘Active Mode’. Phaz claims that this should be enough to take your device up to 70% power from dead, although it all depends on what model of phone you have, of course.

Phaz has used carbon fibre to create the outer shell of the headphones, which adds to their slick aesthetic and also makes them nice and light, given all the tech on board. They come in four colours too – orange, purple and green, or black – so you can mix and match.

We’ll be curious to see if Phaz manages to make a dent in the market, given the apparent domination of Dr Dre’s Beats and Bose, but the ability to use the headphones to charge a smartphone seems like a unique enough selling point that they might just manage to turn some heads in a notoriously competitive arena.

The only down-side we can see is that if you’re listening to music and charging your device at the same time, you’ll have to endure two cables hanging out of one side of your headphones. Still, this seems like a small price to pay for extending the life of your device, and certainly wouldn’t be enough to put us off.

The Phaz P2 headphones retail at $249, which may seem expensive but is well in line with other, less functional models on the market. Early reviews are reporting good sound quality and levels of comfort, so they could very well be worth the investment – we’ll bring you a full review once we’ve tested them out for ourselves.

Expect the Phaz P2 headphones to start shipping in April but they are available to pre-order now.


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