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Phojazzled: The most expensive ways to show off your phone

It’s a new term being coined by….us- paying more than the phone itself on decking your phone out with goldplating, diamonds and designer cases.

Most popular phones have special customised models available; Blackberry, the iPhone, and even Nokia are in on the act, though Android phones are still conspicuously absent.

So for our Russian oligarch readers, here are our favourite high-priced diamond-encrusted, concierge-connected phones.

A brief Google search and you’ll find several companies offering gold-plated services, but our favourite dealer has to be Amosu Couture, who occasionally release video previews of their top-drawer customised handsets.

Amosu Couture has a whole range of gold-plated BlackBerries and iPhones. There are even Swarovski variant iPhones, in pink and white, but it’s going to cost you- £2499 for the white one.

Check out this video for their Amosu Spider customisation,which even comes with its own concierge service- for when you really need that impromptu hot-air balloon ride booked.

If you’re not really after a phone that could blind you in direct sunlight, how about Gresso’s more subtle 200-year African Blackwood-backed iPhone.

Coming in three different designs, ‘for Lady’, ‘for Man’, and ‘Black Diamond’, we’re hoping that wood backing can fend off attacks from rogue pocket change, not that you would carry change if you can afford this £6,200 beast.

A big hitter in our run-down of pricey phone customisations, you’re paying for the materials when you sink in £40,000 for this iPhone case- made from T-Rex tooth and meteorite. It’s a limited run of only ten, so best check their website now.

For a more reachable price of under £1000, though exclusive to Japan, these multicoloured designer iPhone cases are affixed straight to the phone’s chassis. Shown above are a selection of the five case designs from high-end Swiss watch-maker, Franck Muller.

One final model from Stuart Hughes, the same Stuart Hughes responsible for the Dino tooth cover. This time, a Nokia phone, diamond-encrusted and all that, but we were drawn in by the mention of an ostrich foot wallet- included with the phone, yours for £29,995.


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