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Phone to Chrome: Send links to your desktop with Android2cloud app

It’s been a couple of weeks, but we’re still loving the Chrome to Phone app. Being able to ping links to our Android phones at the click of a mouse button is incredibly useful and totally sweet. However, we found ourselves wishing that it worked the other way round too, i.e. let us send links to our desktop from our phone.

Well, now we can, thanks to Android2cloud. This is essentially ‘Phone to Chrome’ – the exact opposite of the Chrome to Phone app that we know and love.

The first step is to download the Android2cloud app from the Android Market. Once that’s downloaded and installed, open up Chrome on your desktop, follow this link to download the extension.

Once that’s done you’ll need to sign into your Google Account on both sides – on your phone and on your PC. On the app simply hit the ‘change account’ button to log in; you should be prompted to enter your details by Chrome on your desktop. Then it’s a simple case of typing the URL into the text field as shown in the pic above and pressing the Send button.

Alternatively you can long press on any browsers’ navigation bar and wait for the ‘share page’ option to appear as you would if you wanted to post a link to Facebook or Twitter. Android2cloud should appear in the ‘Share via’ list along with all the other options.

This amazing app is free to download from the Android Market now, but there’s also a donate version ($1/£0.65) which we reckon you should dig deep for.


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