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PhoneBook: Book + phone = interactive bedtime stories

Phones and books are having quite the love affair of late, but this latest mash-up of the two is the cutest we’ve seen. Developed by the Japanese Mobile Art Lab and consisting of an iPhone app and picture book, PhoneBook adds a whole new dimension to bedtime stories.

The physical book has a slot for the iPhone which completes each page using a free app. Kids can enjoy the adventures of Popo and Momo with added animations, music and interactive elements like summoning tweeting birds or swiping through the pages of the app. Not to be outdone, the book itself also has pages, which you can turn in the traditional manner.

The app itself is free and could be used alone – but we’d rather have it as part of the book for the best of both worlds. Remember to turn down the brightness on your iPhone if you do go with this as a bedtime story though; a brighter screen will just confuse your baby’s body clock and keep them awake.

You can order the storybook from – but hopefully we’ll see an English-language version onsale in the UK sometime soon.



[PhoneBook via CreativeApplications via OhGizmo]


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