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Phones of the future to come with built-in SIMs?

The GMSA, a global association representing the mobile comms industry, has been chatting over plans for a new kind of SIM card.

The mooted idea would see the SIM card embedded in handsets, rather than the current removable model we currently enjoy.

It’s a move that is by no means imminent, however. The GSMA is currently carrying out a study of market needs, due for completion in January. Physical hardware is unlikely to make an appearance until 2012.

There have already been rumours of Apple’s interest in such a move for the iPhone 5; given Apple’s move to microSIMs, it wouldn’t be a surprising next step.

Although there are many benefits of embedded SIMs – easier phone activation, less packaging and less fiddling about overall – there are a few less positive issues like the inability to switch phones at will. [via Electronista]


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