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Photo gallery: Murdoch’s iPad paper arrives. Here is The Daily.

Ready to download now in the US iTunes store, The Daily is hoping to offer a subscription news app- exclusive to the iPad. At a press conference in New York, News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch unveiled the news app. 

Currently only available if you have an American iTunes account, here are some of the more interesting bits from their official press conference earlier today.

“I think what you’re seeing is the first all-media product,” said News Corp. digital guru Jon Miller, while CEO Murdoch said it had, “the best of contemporary technology .”

News on The Daily will have embedded video, audio and 360 photos. Another cool feature is embedded Twitter feeds- which can cover hash-tagged topics or even people mentioned in the news’ own personal feed. Some pages shown were very media-rich; embedded videos, and professionally-read articles, which were compared to listening to radio, would be available everyday.

Here’s one of the navigation features. Aside from umbrella categories at the top of The Daily’s main window, you can also navigate through the ‘carousel’, like album art on any iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, you can move around a pseudo-3D circle of news stories. There’s even a shuffle button for random unread articles.

Here’s some of The Daily’s 360-degree photography. In today’s issue, it was Venice. The photo could be expanded to full-screen, and you could swing around the view. Very pretty, but not ground-breaking. We’ve seen this sort of stuff before.

And then, black screen! Panic! They managed to get it back up and running quickly, but proves there may still be a few bugs to iron out. First day jitters, right?

Here, editor-in-chief, Jesse Angelo, took the audience on a tour of the sports section.

It looked quite intense, and a bit cluttered. Angelo told of how, again, Twitter feeds from players could be accessed from The Daily’s pages, in addition to scores, leagues, and fixtures of your team. So, what do you think? Would you pay about £25 for a yearly subscription?  As newspaper subscriptions go, that’s pretty cheap- but we want to know if it’ll play nice with the rest of the web. We’ll give you a full hands-on if/when it gets over here.


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