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Picsel Smart Office makes document editing on your phone quite fun

Working on office documents on your mobile phone can be a real pain in the eye. Really, it’s not ideal to work on the go unless you have a tablet or laptop to play with, but Picsel makes it a little more pleasant for anyone on Android, iOS or Samsung bada.

Offering a cover-flow style file management system, it’s infinitely preferable to tedious rows of boring file names – although that’s an option, too.

The app makes opening, reading and editing documents a breeze, and can handle spreadsheets, word documents and slideshows in the style of Powerpoint. With a bunch of templates to choose from, you can create documents from scratch, while handy features like Page Flow, which converts text into one long column for easy reading, make the whole experience less painful than we’re used to.

We have only one real issue with the app, and that’s the fact that you can’t easily sync documents. The only way to do so is to email them back and forth between your computer and handset. We’d like to see wireless syncing in future releases.

If you need to edit documents on the fly though, we say it’d be £5.99 well spent.


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