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Piggy Boom Tips and Tricks Guide

Our Piggy Boom tips and tricks guide shows you how to get started with and play this casual iPhone and Android game.

Piggy Boom is a cute and addictive wheel-of-fortune casual game, where players spin their way to riches and build up collections of fantasy islands, while climbing local and global leaderboards. It’s easy to get to grips with, but if you’re a beginner and want to know how to get the most from the game, here’s a handy guide to get you started.

Piggy Boom tips and tricks guide: The wheel of fortune

The core of the game is the big spinning wheel in the sky. By spinning the wheel, you earn prizes like gold, attacks, steals and shields, all of which are necessary to help build and protect your islands. If the wheel is not spinning in your favour, you could try using the in-game purchases to buy extra spins and special prizes. These are active for a set number of days. However, there are other ways to get additional spins too.

Piggy Boom tips and tricks guide: Come back frequently

If you log into Piggy Boom regularly, you’ll be rewarded with additional spins and other goodies. For instance, there are daily minigames where you can win additional prizes. Frequently coming back to the game will also mean you can top up your defences and attack any absent opponents who may have allowed their protection to drop. Cunning.

Piggy Boom tips and tricks guide: Build up your islands fast

Each time an island is complete, you should move staright onto the next. Make sure to get their before another player attacks. It’s better not to have money in your bank as some thief will have off with it, while players can also take cash from you by destroying your trophies.

Piggy Boom tips and tricks guide: Protect your island

Landing on different areas of the wheel also opens up other aspects of the game. Some prizes mean players can attack other players and steal their riches, whilst others protect your existing islands with shields. Don’t get fooled by the sweet graphics of the game, however; you’ll need a cunning strategy to keep your islands safe. Make sure to top up your shields and protection whenever possible.

Piggy Boom tips and tricks guide: Get mining

With each new island, you can set up a team of pigs to mine for gold. This brings daily rewards that your rivals can’t steal. Pig miners do cost a lot, sure, but it’s money well spent and it gives you some extra income every time you log into the game.

Piggy Boom tips and tricks guide: Pets

You can also acquire pets which can defend their resident islands and help you in many other ways, like retrieving stolen gold. Of course as in real life, pets need a lot of love and care, so make sure they are healthy and topped up with energy to keep them effective.

Piggy Boom tips and tricks guide: Play with friends

Piggy Boom has a big social element too. The game links directly to popular social media platforms which means you can play with friends whilst competing on global leaderboards, and even team up to attack opponents together. Facebook integration allows players to put out ‘warrants’ on their friends and opponents too.

You’ll also gain rewards for inviting friends to join in, so it’s a quick and easy win in that respect.

Got any more Piggy Boom tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below.


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