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Pineapple Dance Studios star Louie Spence gets his own iPhone app

“Ever wanted to be woken up by Louie Spence?” asks the App Store blurb for the reality TV star’s new iPhone app. Well, have you?

Louie made his name in Pineapple Dance Studios, the marvellous reality-doc about the eccentric characters who hang out at a dance academy in central London. And compared to most celebrity apps, his has actually had a decent amount of effort put in.

So, there’s a dressing-up section where you put Louie in a selection of fittingly loud outfits, trying to find the ones he likes best. Succeed, and you unlock a rhythm game, while also getting the chance to win signed prizes from the man himself.

There are also soundboards with a bunch of quotes from the show, a mobile section including a Wake Up Alarm (hence the intro to the App Store listing), and a distinctly scary ‘Touch Louie’ mode where you “touch Louie wherever you like and spark different responses by touching different body parts”.

As you do.


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