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Pink Browser for iPad is ‘designed for women by women’

Women of the world! Have you been using the default Safari browser on your iPad and feeling that it’s just too… masculine? You have? Fear not, for help is at hand.

Pink Browser is an app that claims to be “designed for women by women”. It’s an alternative web browser with a female focus. “This is no plain jane browser… this is girl eye candy… Special right down to the icon. Personalize your internet!”

Well, quite. Woe betide you if you think this just means reskinning Safari with more pink. Well, it is that, but Pink Browser’s developer highlights its ability to have nine webpages on-screen at once, built-in email without closing the app, and the ability to save webpages by shaking, and control your music from within the browser.

Worth spending £1.19 on? Something tells me most iPad-owning women will pass on the idea.


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