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Pixel Sand: 8-bit sandbox game coming to Windows Phone

Pixel Sand is Kickstarter-funded game that’s set to come to a PC, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone near you.

It’s an odd mix, part 2D game maker part do-whatever sandbox, but it’s got potential to be massive. Pixel Sand comes on like a cross between Minecraft, Apparatus and Little Big Planet with a blocky 8-bit era look and feel.

Though the game is available only as a very rough alpha version right now, the project yesterday received sufficient funding for Trevor Sundberg and Olav Larsen to get cracking on the full version of the game.

Check out the video below for an idea of how Pixel Sand looks and the game mechanics work.

Interested? We’re sold on the idea of creating multiplayer environments and inviting friends to explore, play and interact with them. As Minecraft has shown the way with full scale recreations like HyruleCraft – a Minecraft remake of Ocarina of Time – we wonder what gems would get cooked up by a fervent Pixel Sand community. Jet Set Willy Redux? 

Pipe dreams aside, the great news is that this game looks definitely set to come to Windows Phone in some form, while Sundberg hints at the possibility of Android and iOS versions too. Check out the Kickstarter page for more info on Pixel Sand and a taste of what’s to come.


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