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Pizza Hut boxes now packing projectors for ultimate home movie night

Dinner and a movie could get a whole new (ultra lazy) meaning if Pizza Hut rolls out its newest innovation – a miniature projector hidden inside your pizza box.

An idea conjured up by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather HK, Pizza Hut is trialling its techiest pizza box to date. The specially modified box features a curved lens built into one side, which can magnify whatever’s playing on your smartphone screen and project it onto an appropriate surface.

The little plastic doohickey which sits in the middle of your pizza (to prevent the lid from falling in) has been adapted to act as a stand, allowing your precious mobile to remain propped up among the rivers of grease as it beams out a movie. Hope you don’t mind that eau de anchovy following you around for a while when you slip the phone back in your pocket.

So far the concept, which comes in four designs, has only been available to selected areas of Hong Kong and there’s no indication that it will ever reach our sun-drenched shores. Of course, there’s still the issue of audio – would you really want to watch a film beamed to your wall with “top-quality” sound blasting out of your phone’s built-in speaker? Perhaps the next box iteration should have a built-in amp too, like this funky cardboard boom box.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to Google how to get melted cheese out of a USB port, just in case.


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