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Play Store app redesign spotted once again ahead of Google I/O

As Google I/O edges ever closer, leaks are starting to point towards what we can expect to be announced at the event. The latest leak backs up previous reports, showing that a major visual overhaul for the Play Store is on the cards. It looks like Google will be simplifying the interface of the marketplace and bringing it more in line with the visual aesthetics of services like Google Now.

The image was posted to a YouTube employee’s Google+ profile page before being swiftly deleted, giving us a glimpse of the new landing page that the redesign will bring. All of the store’s categories have been moved to the top of the page, with Google also updating fonts and buttons to fall in line with its Holo UI guidelines.

Everything seems to match up with Droid-Life’s preview of the new UI last month, with similar tweaks being applied to the store’s different categories. Google looks to be dramatically simplifying the navigation and interface of the market, bringing with it a much sleeker and cleaner design. There’s no guarantee that we’ll see this announced at Google I/O – due to kick off on May 15th – but the timing seems to line up quite nicely.

We could also be seeing an updated version of the Nexus 7, if recent reports are to be believed. The popular tablet will be reportedly be refreshed with a Qualcomm processor, a higher resolution screen, and a thinner bezel design. The price will most likely remain unchanged at $199/£159, but sources indicated that Google may further attempt to attack the low end of the market with a $149/£99 price point.

[via Android Central]


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