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Playboy launches HD app for iPad

Playboy has gone HD with a new official app for the iPad, kicking off with its July 2010 issue.

Well, it’s not the whole issue for obvious reasons: instead, people paying £2.99 for the app will get the latest cover, some text about the featured Playmate and a behind-the-scenes video, and selected features.

They include the mag’s main interview, advice section, 20 Questions Q&A feature, fashion shoots and ‘Celebrities Hangin’ With Hef’ – pics of famous people partying with venerable mogul Hugh Hefner.

Oh, there’s some free wallpapers too, plus the ability to buy previous (and future) monthly issues from an Archive section, using in-app payments. “This app does not contain any fully nude content,” stresses the blurb, possibly as much for the benefit of Apple’s approvals people as for users.

Anyway, if you’re one of those people who always protested you got Playboy for the interviews and not for the nekkid models, the iPad app should be right up your street.


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