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Playboy on iPad to be uncensored, apparently the iPad is for porn

Playboy for the iPad will be re-launching in March and will be fully uncensored, according to no less an authority than Hugh Hefner himself.

A handful of tweets from the Hef last night practically confirm that an uncensored version of the Playboy iPad app will be arriving soon. All back issues of the magazine have apparently be available to buy as well, alongside new and current issues.

We reckon that the app itself will be free to download and you’d buy issues via in-app payments. So the app would simply be a vendor, or act as a link to an iPad optimised site, i.e. outside the nudity-censoring walled garden of the App Store.

Apple’s policy on adult apps has been the subject of debate ever since the App Store was launched. It seems that risque and sexy pictures are okay, so long as they’re from a publication like FHM or Sports Illustrated. Outright nudity is apparently verboten, but now we’re hearing from Hugh Hefner himself that this won’t be the case come March.

The only real question here is will the app itself feature nude content (we’re guessing no)? Or, will it link to an external site where you could pay for nude content (we’re guessing yes). If the latter is the case, this could pave the way for a load of apps linking out to giant caches of n00dz on the interwebs. Oh the horror.

Source: TechTrackr via 9to5Mac


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