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PlayMeNext might be the ultimate iPhone party app

So, you’re having a party at which your iPhone is acting as the DJ, complete with a playlist you lovingly compiled in between putting cheese on sticks and nipping out for a bottle of 20/20 to add to the punch. But what if your friends want to get in on the music action?

PlayMeNext is an innovative new iPhone app that aims to make party playlists more collaborative in real-time. You start by setting up your iOS device in ‘Player Mode’, to supply the music.

However, guests who also have the PlayMeNext app can then use it in Guest Mode to request songs, and upload photos – which can be shown on your TV if you have the necessary cable, or uploaded directly to Flickr and Facebook.

This does, though, require you all to be on the same Wi-Fi network – meaning you dishing out your password to all and sundry. Best of all (if you’re a musical control freak): tunes can only be requested from YOUR iTunes collection. Marvellous stuff.


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