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PlayStation games coming to Tegra 2-powered tablets and smartphones

Nvidia have revealed that all phones and tablets powered by their Tegra 2 processor will be getting the PlayStation Suite, an app store set to house gaming hits from the Sony console’s back catalogue.

Announced on their Tegra Zone app, which stocks high-quality games that can run only on dual-core Tegra 2-powered tablets and smartphones, games already announced to be arriving on the PlayStation Suite include Crash Bandicoot, Cool Boarders 2, Syphon Filter, and MediEvil and Destruction Derby.

Set to arrive first on the Xperia Play, (which isn’t Tegra-powered) the PlayStation Suite was announced as a phone-neutral feature, and this is the first we’ve heard about non Sony-Ericsson devices using the suite.

We’re not sure how controls would fare on touch-screen device, given that the Xperia Play has its own slide-out controls that mimic a PlayStation controller, with touch-sensitive analogue pad.

Now if some bright spark was able to connect our PS3 wireless controllers to one of these high-powered tablets, that would make us rather excited.


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