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Pocket offers the first major release from the Android Wear SDK

Hot on the heels of Android Wear announcing its existence earlier this week, today Pocket becomes the first big app to play nice with the smart-watch-centric operating system.

Put it in your pocket

The truth of the matter is that technology these days moves faster than a freshly greased Usian Bolt… fired from a cannon. But even we have been taken a little by surprise by the acceleration of the uptake on Google’s new Android Wear platform.

Aimed directly at your arm, after the smart-watch-focused Android OS variant only launched on Tuesday of this week, by Wednesday both LG and Motorola had announced Wear-ready watches and, topping off the week, today the first of the enormo-apps, Pocket, wheeled out its own code to allow devs to implement the save-it-for-later app’s abilities into their own.

What this means is that, whilst not an app in itself as you may well know, once built into other apps installed on the likes of LG G Watch or Motorola’s Moto 360 Android wrist-adorner, users will be able to swipe articles of interest with a single finger stroke to the left and have them safely stashed away in their Pocket account, ready to read later at their leisure.

Most impressively, Pocket’s efforts come down to a single line of code for devs to cut and paste into their future apps, granting access to the animated sequence you see above (click to play if it isn’t moving). As the Pocket teams points out in its release, The Android Wear SDK is still in a preview stage and its implementation is likely to change, potentially breaking this new code.

So, with Android Wear announced earlier this week, Android Wear-powered smart watches unveiled and now Android’s most elephantine apps lining up to get stuck into your forthcoming wrist-strap-on, it seems that the smart-watch’s time is truly here.



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