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Pocket Frogs social game hops onto iPhone and iPad

The history of frogs in video games is pretty brief. Frogger and, er, that’s it. At least as far as memorable games go.

Mobile developer NimbleBit is aiming to make a splash with its new Pocket Frogs game, which just came out as a universal app for iPhone and iPad. There isn’t a car in sight though:¬†this game is more about collecting and breeding frogs, then trading them with friends.

All this takes place in a pond, where you can make your frogs beefier by getting them to eat flies, while looking for new varieties to cross-breed them with. There are rewards and in-game items, and the whole thing is free – although you can buy ‘Potion Packs’ and ‘Stamp Packs’ to speed your progress.

It’s certainly fun, although possibly aimed at a slightly younger audience. And frog-lovers, of course.


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