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Pocket Karaoke for iPhone lets you sing along with any song

Karaoke-loving iPhone owners already have a few apps to choose from, including Glee, I Am T-Pain, Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga iOKi, and (in the US) Mariah Carey-oke. And we genuinely haven’t made that last one up.

What if you want to sing along to another artist though – something obscure from your own collection? That may be where Pocket Karaoke comes in. The 59p app claims to dig into the music stored on your iPod, remove the singer’s voice from any song, and let you bawl along to your heart’s content.

Plus, you can record the results. Good for you, possibly not so good for the friends, family, colleagues and strangers on the bus who you may then inflict those recordings on.

So how well does it work? We tried it with Nirvana’s live acoustic version of About a Girl, Lily Allen’s The Fear, and Primal Scream’s Rocks. It worked for all three, although traces of the vocal remain – it’s less like removing the singer, and more like bundling them into a box out the back of the studio.

Which is good enough for many karaoke fans, although what’s missing is the ability to then share your recordings on Facebook and Twitter – for licensing reasons, no doubt, but that’s one of the advantages of the official apps listed at the start of this post, which allow that.


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