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Pocket Zoo puts a zoo in your pocket, surprisingly

We’re going to the iPhone zoo today, children. It’s just like a real zoo, except it’s on your iPhone where all the animals get lovely virtual enclosures. Sounds good? Right, hop on board and let’s go.

Actually, scratch that. With Pocket Zoo we don’t need to do anything as strenuous as actually going anywhere. The Pocket Zoo map, complete with random animal sounds, offers you a veritable Noah’s Ark of animal options; from the beaver to various types of bear via Pandas, ‘gators, lions and sharks – there’s even a dragon! The Leafy Sea Dragon, that is. It doesn’t shoot flames from its mouth – in fact, I’m not even convinced it has a mouth. Looks like a plant to me.

Anyway, that’s all academic as the best part about Pocket Zoo is the Live Cams – live video feeds of brilliant animals in real life zoos! It’s a bit hit and miss partly as animals have a pesky habit of hanging out just out of shot and partly because most of the zoos in question are in time zones far, far away from the UK so it’s often night for them when we’re awake. They’re also a little bit laggy, many updating only every two seconds but most come with several video feed options so you can choose the best.

The app also has lovely little touches, like the ability to take a snapshot of the camera feed and quickly email it to a friend (although the email comes pre-written with a load of marketing guff about the app itself) or post it to Twitter.

Pages with handy info about each animal include a nice picture and a little speaker symbol, so you can listen to their soothing roars and growls as you read all about them. The koala, in particular, makes a fabulously comical noise.

Obviously the app is meant for children, but don’t worry about that. If you can’t get out to the actual zoo and happen to own an iPhone, Pocket Zoo really is the next best thing no matter what your age – and it’s half price for a limited time, just 59p. Bargain.


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