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Pokémon GO’s Water Festival event update: What to expect

Determined not to lose momentum after the arrival of generation 2 monsters in the game’s last major update, Niantic has just announced the next Pokémon GO special event and this time around the theme is water.

From March 22nd to March 29th trainers have an increased chance of encountering some of the slipperier, soggier pocket monsters from the franchise, with highlights including Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile and their respective evolutions.

Whilst there’s no mention of candy bonuses with this latest release, one interesting new modifier to the standard game experience is an increased chance of coming across gen-2 Johto Pokémon (not just explicitly water types) by hanging around traditionally wet areas such as rivers, ponds, lakes or oceans.

The expanded character customisation system will also feature a special event Magikarp hat, if you feel so inclined.

There’s little else in the way of detail as to what the update entails, but let us know which new monsters you encounter (if you’re still playing) and if you have no idea what this story is about, perhaps you should cast your eyes over the handy little feature below.

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