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Poker Surface: The ultimate phone/multi-touch surface combo

This is the ultimate poker game. Designed by students studying pervasive computing and user interface engineering at the University Duisburg-Essen, the ‘Poker Surface’ combines mobile phones and a multi-touch surface. As you can see in the video below, you can play poker by directly interacting with objects on the table and by using a mobile phone.

From the research summary: “Conceptually, based on interactions in traditional card games, our poker game application explores different natural ways of interaction, including touching the table as well as tilting, throwing, and shaking a mobile phone. By translating traditional gestures into the digital domain, we provide a use case to discuss useful gestures combing mobile phones with tabletop surfaces, as well as to explore a private-public display setting for digital card games at interactive tables. Additionally, the mobile phone provides the tangible feeling similar to physical cards.”

Professor Albert Schmidt who runs the course posted a comment underneath the student’s YouTube video saying “great student project!” and we couldn’t agree more. What’s really interesting is that the students state that a preliminary user study showed that users preferred using mobile phones for interaction compared to direct interaction on the multi-touch table.


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